Thursday, September 6, 2012

It isn’t even 8:30 in the morning!!

As I sit down to write this post, I am laughing. Laughing because I really thought at one point I could keep up with a blog. HA!! I can barely pee without kids busting in, or think without having a million thoughts interrupt. Yeah… a blog was probably not one of my better ideas. hahaha The funny thing is, I have a lot to say. Well, of course I have a lot to say, I always do. But I really do have great intentions of blogging about all these wonderful things! I have recipes, ideas, stories, adventures and so much more I want to share with the world!! Or, at least my fellow blog followers Smile

Since I haven’t posted in awhile, I thought it would be fun to give everyone a glimpse into my day to day life and WHY I don’t have time to blog. I am going to practically dummy spell what I go through on a daily basis, so get ready to get in my brain! LOL

2:00 am – Baby C is crying. I argue with the Mr. and say it’s his turn to get up. The days I win, I roll over smiling and fall back asleep. The days I lose I crawl out of bed half asleep. I go to the bathroom (that way I can lay him down when he is done eating and I don’t need to stay awake any longer). I go into the kitchen to make a bottle, only to find they are all dirty. All of them. I wash out one bottle, find a liner, go the fridge, find his milk, open and pour it in. Walk back to the room to get Baby C and he is soaking wet. Thankfully I am married to Superman, and he wakes up to change the sheets. I take Baby C to the living room where I put him down with the bottle so he doesn’t scream while I try to find a clean pair of pajamas (with no lights on so I don’t wake the kids). I finally find a pair that I think will work, go back to Baby C and take the bottle so I can change him, which of course he doesn’t want, so he starts crying. I try to get him dressed as fast as I can, but it only makes it worse! When he is finally out of his wet clothes, I reach over to grab a diaper, only to realize he just peed AGAIN all of the floor and the pajamas I just found. Bottle goes back in his mouth, he happily closes his eyes and starts eating, while I begin a new search for pajamas in the dark (can I just say that this would probably be a lot easier if we actually folded and put our clothes away as we washed them, rather than leave them in the basket). Ok, I think I found another pair of pajamas, or something close enough. I go back to Baby C to start the process over – take the bottle, he screams, I try to hurry and change him, finally get diaper and pajamas on, get the bottle in his mouth, he closes his eyes and starts eating, I pick him up to rock with him, everything is peaceful. Then our rocking chair locks and I am jerked forward. I start cursing at the stupid chair because it’s the chairs fault we need to replace it! I decide to NOT rock Baby C because surprisingly he still in a milk/sleep zone and I don’t want to disrupt him. He is so peaceful when he sleeps and looks so sweet and innocent, it’s hard to be upset that I have been up for 45 minutes with him. Instead I give him a kiss and tell him how much I love him.

2:45 am – Put Baby C back to bed. As I crawl into bed half asleep, I look at the clock and wish I had gone to bed at 8:00. I tell myself that I will tonight. There is no way I will be able to stay awake longer than that anyway. I can’t wait to go to bed at 8! I think tomorrow I am going to clean the house, put all the clothes away, go through all the kids clothes and get rid of the ones that are too small (so I don’t have to search through so many at 2:00 am). While I am at it, I should probably clean their rooms. Which reminds me, I didn’t clean the bathroom this week! I will have to do that before anything. Maybe I should clean the downstairs bathroom too. It needs it, and maybe then I will be ready to paint it. I think purple and gray with white would be great downstairs. Too bad the Mr. won’t let me paint the upstairs purple. I think it would like nice in the living room. Or our room. Well, Ladybug’s room is purple, so maybe not our room, but definitely the living room. I wonder if the Mr. would go for that?? I could make it look masculine. You can make purple masculine, right? Actually, does purple go well with green?? Maybe I should paint the kitchen a different color…. hm… gray?? that would be along the lines of the color scheme and gray isn’t bad for a kitchen. Or, I could just skip the purple upstairs and do blue. Robin’s egg blue. That’s pretty. And it would go well with the current color scheme. I wonder what color curtains then? What time is it anyway??

3:30 am – Of course it is. I just need to go to sleep and I can think about it in the morning as I am cleaning. I should just write down all of my ideas tomorrow. Maybe I will keep a journal of sorts. I can get all my ideas from Pinterest. I guess that is sort of like a journal. I wonder if there are any purple and grey kitchen/living room photos I can look up. Oh wait, I thought I changed my mind to blue. Oh yeah! I was thinking about curtains. I think I remember seeing a pin on Pinterest about making your own curtains. Or making them out of shower curtains or table cloths or something. I am going to have to look that up! I wonder if you need to sew those? I wish I knew how to sew. I could use that skill for so many things. Even with my crochet! Oh, shoot, I forgot to respond to the gal that ordered those hats today. I will have to do that tomorrow. I wonder if I have all the yarn. I will probably need to make a yarn run tomorrow, which is fine because I need to make the blanket for (name removed) and the prop for (name removed). Oh yeah, and there was a new stitch I wanted to make… I wonder if it’s HDC or DC. I suppose it could be either, but HDC might be a little more snug. DC is way more common. I will try that one first. Ok, I will do that tomorrow, but first, SLEEP!! What time is it anyway??

4:45 am – Ok, no more thinking. I have daycare parents coming in 2 1/2 hours, I need to go to sleep. I don’t want to rely on coffee to get me through the day. Maybe I will walk up to Caribou with the kids. Well, that isn’t always easy to do. We will see how they are acting and what the weather is. What is the weather supposed to be?? I hope it isn’t too hot. Or too cold. Or rainy. If it’s perfect outside we will walk to Caribou. I wish they delivered.

6:55 am – The Mr. wakes me up and says he is leaving for work. He gives me a kiss and says to have a good day. Why did he have to wake me up? I could have slept for another 15 minutes at least!! Well, I guess I will just lay here in bed and relax. Where’s my phone. I will check my email.

6:59 am – Well, relaxing was short lived. The kids are awake, and I can hear them in the kitchen.

7:00 am – CRASH!!!! What was that?? As I bolt out of bed, I almost trip on the cat and stub my toe on the cedar chest. I swear a little, and run out to see what the noise was. “Sorry mommy. I dropped the toaster. Do you want eggs?” If only it were as sweet as it sounds – there is a mess in the kitchen…. eggs on the counter, toaster on the floor, Smooth Chopper is taken apart, blade next to it (thankfully no cuts!), coffee maker pulled out, coffee is being brewed (thank goodness we have a Keurig), bread is opened and falling all over, frozen waffles are half thawed on the counter, next to the syrup which was opened and spilled, butter is tipped and smeared all over the plate next to it. Wonderful. Can’t wait to start my day. As I start cleaning everything, I realize I have 15 minutes until the first parent drops off… the house is a mess as am I. I grab a bowl and pour some cereal in it for the kids and tell them to sit at the table. B man whines for yogurt. Ladybug whines she wants a different cereal. B man throws a fit that I gave him the orange bowl… he wants purple. I am about have a breakdown and it’s only 7 in the morning!! Don’t these kids know I didn’t sleep last night?!?

7:10 am – Most of the kitchen is cleaned up, so I decide to take 2 minutes for myself and get ready. You know, put a bra on and brush my teeth. Well, I didn’t even get that far before I hearing crying. Oh jeez, really?! I ignore. I don’t care. Let them fight! It will toughen them up! Winking smile Just as I start heading to the bathroom to put deodorant on, I hear '”MOM!!!” Wow! Really you guys? I continue to ignore them, finish my bathroom ‘details’, just in time to head to the kitchen and clean the remaining dishes.

7:15 am – First family of the day walks in. My kids thrive on attention from others, so anytime someone is in the house, they use it as an excuse to act like wild animals. Which they proceed to do. Literally. All the noise and commotion is giving me a headache. Which reminds me I need to drink my coffee!

7:20 am – Kids are whining they are hungry. I tell them to finish their yogurt (since they never got around to the cereal). I ask if they want eggs, which of course they say yes to. They only want to use the Smooth Chopper, which is fine because it helps them eat healthier. We drag out all of the stuff for our eggs and I tell the kids to get dressed while I finish up.

7:25 am – Both kids complain they have nothing to wear. I yell to them they have plenty of clothes, B Man can’t find shorts and Ladybug can’t find leggings. I can’t say anything… they are probably both in our mountain of clean clothes that was never put away.

7:30 am – Next daycare family walks in, cat runs out the front door. Of course. Both kids freak out that cat ran away. I explain she will come back in 10 minutes to the back patio, but they insist on going out to get her. Through all the commotion, Baby C wakes up. Ladybug runs to the room to get him, B Man runs outside after the cat half naked. I can’t win. I tell Ladybug to bring Baby C to his highchair so I can feed him in a minute, while I run downstairs to tell B Man to get in the house. I am shouting across the yard to him and my neighbor comes out to go to work. Although there is always a smile and generous wave, I know the words “crazy family” are in the brain wave.

7:45 am – The kids are finally dressed and I am getting ready to feed Baby C and make the eggs for breakfast. “Someone pooped!” Great, perfect timing. Head over for a diaper change only to find that we are out of wipes. I ask Ladybug to get me a new package, she says she can’t find them. I improvise and use Boogie Wipes. I say a quick prayer of thanks that I had those handy!! After clean diaper is put on, I wash my hand and go back to breakfast.

7:50 am – Phone rings. I will call them back. Time to make breakfast.

8:00 am – The kids are finally sitting down and eating, I am feeding 2 of the babies and the world is calm. Suddenly “Hey! Don’t throw your eggs at me!” followed a long string of naughty giggles. I turn around and tell B Man we don’t throw food at the table and that if he doesn’t eat nice, he can go to his room. Turn back around to feed the babies and hear “Mom, he stuck his tongue out at me!” followed by “nana poopy pants” followed by “I’m not poopy pants” followed by more naughty giggles. I tell the kids they are done and to go clean up. “Thanks a lot B Man! You always ruin everything” Sigh. This is the life I chose….

8:10 am – Phone rings. Shoot, I never called that person back. I answer and start apologizing, only to be interrupted by the kids. “B Man won’t stay out of my room. I just want to be left alone for a little bit” followed by “well I just want to play her DS!” EI-yei-yei you guys!!!! Tell the person on the phone I will call them back. I am exhausted… what time is it?? Oh my gosh, it isn’t even 8:30 in the morning!!

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  1. Did you ever get your coffee? There are times I miss waking up with the babies in the middle of the night, because those were the most quiet, wonderful moments. I love that everyone sleeps now, but I miss holding soft, snuggly babies.