Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Crazy in a good way....

"You are CRAZY!" I hear those words Why? Well, maybe it's because I am married with 3 kids... or because we are gone a lot with our kids sports and extra curricular activities... or because we have a 6 month old on the move... or because I run a daycare out of my home... or because I started selling Tupperware... or because I own My Ladybug Love Designs... or because I volunteer on the board for my daughters softball team... and I am on the planning commitee for the fall tournament... or that I help organize fundraisers and donate to charity's... I don't know, I guess it could be any of those things. Or a combination of all them.

I, however, am not convinced I am crazy. I (secretly) enjoy being busy and always having something going on. Isn't it more fun to be on the go with a million and one things running through your head, than stuck at home with nothing to do? I think so, but I know it's not for everyone, and in case you didn't know, people think I am crazy. :)

So on top of all the craziness amongst our daily life, I have decided to take a stab at online blogging. It was sort of on a whim, so I can't wait to hear my husbands reaction. I am pretty sure I already know what it will be though. He will laugh at me for saying 'I blog'. He always laughs when people say that. But I figure it's the year 2012 and since I have so many people tell me I am crazy, I thought I should one more thing to our crazy life and add a blog. Friends and family can stay up to date with things in our life, and maybe along the way we will meet new friends, or maybe inspire someone else to start a blog or be crazy like we are. It's hard to say at the beginning of an adventure, but I am up for it!

You may be asking (like I know my Mr. will) 'What are you going to blog about?' I guess my answer is nothing and everything. It will be a mish-mash of everdy life for us - successes and failures in my businesses, milestones and tear sheds of our kids, new and fun things we have experienced and learned along the way, and all the randomness that comes with it all.

Sounds fun doesn't it? Let me guess... you are shaking your head and saying 'You are crazy'? That's ok. I think it's CRAZY IN A GOOD WAY!


  1. It sometimes IS better to be busy, and you DO have A LOT going on. I think you're crazy, in a good way too!! I am looking forward too your posts about everything and nothing.

    The Vogelgesang's

  2. Good job on your blog. I myself and I am sure many other Mom's can relate. Like I posted the other day on your status ... Wierd is good, but Crazy is even better :) I think their is a little bit of crazy in all of us. Keep up the good writing.

    Lisa Annoni

  3. Love it! People have said the same things to me... like take a day to rest, slow down a bit you are too busy... but I like being busy and on the go (most days). I look forward to following your blog and "crazy" life! And you will love to look back on your blog in a few years and read about all the fun things that happened! I started my blog right before Colton was born (so over 6 years ago) and there are some days I get completely lost in going back and reading all the old posts! Welcome to the world of Blogging... you will love it!

  4. I say better to be crazy then bored :)

    Welcome to the bloggy world my friend!!


  5. Welcome to blogging world!!!!

  6. I've always said you have to be a littke crazy to stay sane!